The dynamic between bike and rider is fundamental to the enjoyment of the sport, whether you are riding competitively or purely for pleasure.

Being a cyclist is about more than just the bike–it's about creating perfect synergy between rider and machine. Traditional methods of bicycle fitting focus on adjusting a bike into a perceived optimal position for 'performance'. The rider is then contorted to meet the confines of that position. In other words, a bike should look like this–now make the rider fit the bike.

Our BikeFit service is based on the Trek programme, which looks at bicycle/rider interface in a completely different way. The main focus of Trek Fitting Services is that the individual variables of anatomy, flexibility and riding style should define a rider's position, and the bike should be set up to conform to each rider's optimal position.
Minute adjustments to your riding position can make a huge difference to your riding experience in terms of comfort and performance. If your bike is not setup correctly, it is possible you are causing injuries to yourself without realising - this can lead to back, neck and knee problems.

Are you thinking of taking up cycling? Perhaps you're a keen cyclist and want to take it to the next level? Whatever your level of cycling, BikeFit will help you achieve a better riding experience.

Bike SetUp - £40.00    
A bike set-up consists of firstly checking the bike is the right size for the cyclist and then setting up saddle height and checking handle bars are the right height correct reach. This enables comfort which leads to a better performance.    
AeroFit - £100 (Duration: 90 minutes)    
This is a much more in depth service which is carried out by our Trek Trained staff. You will have a bike set-up which is shown above plus a much more personal service which involves taking measurements of flexibility and posture. If you have any aches and pains or medical conditions this will be taken into account and your bike set-up to allow for a more comfortable ride. In my experience this is an essential service, as riding a bike which is the wrong size or set up incorrectly can have a detrimental affect on your back and joints in the future and will have an impact on your cycling enjoyment.    

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