Supporters of Haverhill Cycling Club

Aerocycles are proud supporters of Haverhill Cycling Club, and have been ever since its conception back in 2011.

"Haverhill Cycling Club is a family friendly relaxed cycling club in Haverhill, Suffolk. We are a group of like minded cyclists whose idea of the club came about in 2011 and has grown in interest since then. The club became official in February 2013 with membership into British Cycling.
Rides vary in distance from 15 to +50 miles with two groups, a more sedate ensemble with average speeds of <15mph including tea/coffee/cake stop along the way and a more training focused group (@ > 16mph).
Club rides start and finish at Aerocycles, Haverhill. 15 Maple Park, Falconer Road, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 7BG (Unless otherwise stated)

We have 3 main rules!!
1, We always ride as a group and nobody gets left behind
2, Obey the rules/laws of the road at all times
3, Have fun and bring money for tea and cakes"


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